Our Mission

We take the guesswork out of choosing a
solar provider.

Our solar partners

Our Story

Finding the right solar solution used to be as enjoyable as a dental visit, filled with unethical sales tactics. We’ve led sales and marketing efforts for top solar companies nationwide and have witnessed these issues up close. Without proper regulation, the industry will continue to be marred by predatory sales people focused more on quick profits than on sustainable business practices.
This realization inspired us to innovate. We now offer a transparent, efficient, and cost-effective solar experience, partnering exclusively with the industry’s best. We’re here to revolutionize the solar journey, one home at a time.

Revolutionizing Solar Access for Everyone:

We’ve modernized the buying journey by harnessing cutting-edge AI and user-friendly design, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable customer experience. Say goodbye to pushy door knockers and the dreaded sales pitch. We guarantee not just competitive pricing for top-quality equipment and warranties but also the assurance that your system will function as promised.

What sets us apart? Our state-of-the-art AI design platform uses LIDAR and heat analysis to swiftly evaluate your home’s structure. This allows us to recommend the ideal solar setup to maximize the sunlight your roof receives. Experience the future of solar technology, today.

What Our Customers Taught Us:

Our clients have made it clear that when making a significant investment in their homes, they expect:
They also expressed not wanting the typical sales pitch . Traditional sales tactics, excessive paperwork, and lengthy wait times (sometimes many weeks before installation starts) made the process feel dated, rather than reflective of the ‘future of energy’.

Three Easy Steps To Get Started

Our three easy steps make it a breeze to get started on your energy evaluation journey. Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or an eco-conscious individual, we’ve simplified the process to help you make informed decisions about your energy needs.

Energy Evaluation

Simply provide one of your latest electric bills, and we'll input the details into our specialized assessment tool.

AI Assistant

Our intelligent AI Assistant performs a comprehensive evaluation of your energy needs, assessing the project's viability and estimating your potential savings.

Site Inspection

We'll arrange a site visit to personally walk you through the AI-generated savings report. This is the perfect opportunity to address any questions you may have and explore available options