Our Roofing Network

We’re not a roofing company,
but we’ve done the homework for you.
Solomon Renewables has partnered with leading roofing experts to bring you comprehensive roofing solutions at wholesale prices.
Our Expertise & Assurance

After thoroughly interviewing and vetting numerous roofing companies across the country, we’ve selected partners who meet our stringent criteria.

Exclusive Benefits

Through our partnerships, we’ve secured wholesale prices and bulk discounts. We’re excited to pass these savings directly to you.

Seamless Integration

You can now seamlessly integrate your roofing and solar projects into one loan. This integration simplifies the process, saving you time, effort and money.

Financial Options

To make this even more accessible, we’ve arranged for these combined services to be available through several of our financing partners. This integrated financial solution makes managing payments simpler and more convenient.

Our Commitment

At Solomon Renewables, this added service comes at no additional charge to you. It’s part of our commitment to providing a seamless, cost-effective path to solar energy, ensuring your transition to renewable energy is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Contact us today to explore our roofing and solar solutions