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Use Analogies to Make Solar More Relatable.

Human beings respond to stories and narratives that make complex concepts easier to understand. Research shows that humans remember facts at a higher rate when those facts are part of a story instead of just listed out. How can you make your solar sales pitch more of a narrative and drive engagement with your prospects? Start with analogies!

Leveraging relevant analogies can mean the difference between a prospect that intuitively grasps the value of going solar and a prospect that finds it confusing.

Consumers will purchase a product when they feel informed and comfortable with its value proposition. Consumers who feel confused and don’t intuitively grasp why or how a product provides value will not purchase it.
EverBright has worked with some of the industry’s largest and fastest-growing solar sales teams. We’ve seen lots of different analogies used in the solar sales process, but here are two of the best:

1. Lock in a price at the pump

Solar allows consumers to lock in electricity costs over several decades. Not only do homeowners often achieve a cheaper price for electricity relative to what they are paying today, but they are also protected against unpredictable and often significant utility rate increases in the future. It’s similar to having the opportunity to lock in the price of gas in the early 2000s. Locking in the cost of gasoline for twenty (or more) years would have resulted in dramatic savings, given the subsequent increase in gas prices. While setting a price over several decades isn’t possible with gasoline, solar offers the ability to achieve certainty in the uncertain world of energy costs. Almost every consumer has bought gas recently, so this analogy should make the value of solar much more tangible!

2. Free pizza delivery

Most people are unaware that transmission/distribution charges (as opposed to power generation costs) comprise a large percentage of their all-in electricity costs. That’s right, a big chunk of a homeowner’s utility bill is the cost to deliver power from the generation source to the home. This is like ordering a $30 pizza and paying an additional $30 to deliver the pizza to your home. Most prospects will intuitively grasp that paying that much for the delivery of any product is too expensive. The homeowner can turn their roof into a power plant by going solar and eliminating expensive delivery charges!

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