How do Solar Panels Increase Home Value?

How much can solar panels increase my home value? Experts at Zillow say adding solar panels to your home could increase property value by around 4.1%. On a $300,000 home, that’s a $12,000 increase–which could easily account for a significant return on your solar investment.  For some homeowners, the costs associated with solar installation can seem like a reach. However, the long-term returns on […]

Use Analogies to Make Solar More Relatable.

Human beings respond to stories and narratives that make complex concepts easier to understand. Research shows that humans remember facts at a higher rate when those facts are part of a story instead of just listed out. How can you make your solar sales pitch more of a narrative and drive engagement with your prospects? […]

7 ways to explain the value of going solar.

7 ways to explain the value of going solar.

Every successful sale starts with getting your prospect to care about the problem you are solving. In solar, this can be tricky because most homeowners don’t stay up at night fretting about their electricity bill. What are some best practices for creating a connection with a solar prospect and driving real engagement with your sales […]

Ready to grow your solar business with financing?

solar business with financing

You’re a solar installer, so you know that convincing a potential customer of the benefits of going solar isn’t too complicated. Still, explaining how they overcome the upfront cost can be challenging. The cost of solar has dropped in recent years. But, for the average homeowner, spending five figures upfront—especially on an investment that could […]